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Hey Abigail,

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into helping aspiring writers... The dream to one day write my own book is something I have decided to not ignore any longer. First thing I did? Sign up to your newsletter. It does not disappoint!

I've just started working on my synopsis - those creative writing BA lessons finally being put to good use - and so I hope I have enough to send over and apply for this grant. I have been published before online, however, never fiction and so I just wanted to check I still qualify?



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Abigail I love what you are doing here. I am a struggling writer from a working class background who has been juggling four part time jobs while studying for an MA in Creative Writing this year. I’m also over 50. I’m about to write my dissertation this summer and a grant would make a massive difference so I will be applying!!


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Lovely post! So glad I subscribed :)

Two things I’m interested at the moment - one is the legal right to write about other people. I’m deep into a project about toxic/abusive relationships, and am genuinely concerned about being sued by an ex if it was one day published!

Secondly, it’s tricky to know from the outside at what point to reach out to an agent. How do you know if your novel draft is actually ready?


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